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Optimize your machining processes

SAU was born as a manufacturer of mechanical fixing tools and carbide entirely Made in Italy

The wide range of products in the catalog and the wide availability of items in stock combined with an advanced management system certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 allow us to respond promptly to customer requests ensuring a fast and efficient delivery service.


The deep know-how in precision mechanics and our decades of experience allow us to carry out mechanical fastening productions and high quality carbide tools. Our technicians, engaged in a constant search for new technologies, design, build and test all our products. We use an automated management of both the production feed and the machine loads and we have adopted multitasking machines with numerical control to reduce the cycle times by reducing the construction tolerances from the raw to the finished product. The wide availability in stock of raw materials allows us to ensure fast deliveries.

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The 3D simulation enables precise tool design. Through special software based on the FEM method, the machining conditions are accurately simulated and the operating loads are tested with the aim of solving any critical issues and refine the study of the product.


Over 52.000 SAU items and raw materials are stored in four different storage areas for different processing steps. The timely automatic supply of each warehouse allows us to speed up the time of production of the finished product and provide timely service to customers.

Customized processing

A whole department is at your disposal for the realization of tools and special inserts, out of catalogue, able to satisfy every need. Experienced technicians will support you to design together the most suitable tools to optimize the production cycle of your company. The use of CAD/CAM technology ensures efficient design engineering and rapid construction of the finished product.

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We have a metrological room of excellence for the control of the tools calibration . The service is certified and allows you to promptly verify the compliance of both SAU instruments and those of the customer to the rules of the law.


Modern sharpening machines allow to realize innovative and high-performance geometries using cutting-edge materials.


Our strength is the ability to interpret your needs and realize the best solution to optimize the production cycles of your company. SAU technicians will study with you the specific processing methods and operating processes to help you choose the most suitable tools. In order to offer an always efficient consulting service, we use a consolidated sales network and a network of distributors throughout the country and abroad.

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We are versatile and have a deep knowledge of the various production chains, this is the reason why we are the ideal partners of a wide range of industrial sectors.


Thanks to the know-how consolidated in 40 years of experience, with our services we always guarantee an innovative approach and a high-level performance.

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Do you want to order our products, ask for a custom design or receive a specific consultancy? We are here at your complete disposal.