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Quality tools engineering
SAU was born in Polinago - Modena, in the heart of the Motor Valley, a land of ingenuity and passion, the cradle of mechanical technology made in Italy. It is here that world excellences such as Pagani, Ferrari, Ducati and Maserati are based.

Founded in 1982, SAU S.p.A. is a precision engineering company specialized in the construction of tools for turning, milling and hole machining.

SAU is the only italian production company for the internal development of the whole catalogue program of drills and mills, both in solid carbide and mechanically fixed, with over 52.000 items.

We offer wide product ranges and we are able to make customized tools according to the specific needs of the customer. We stand out for the reliability and punctuality of our service.

Authentic passion for our work

The real strength that drives our business is the passion for precision mechanics. We are continuously researching cutting-edge solutions and materials in an industry where engineering technology is constantly evolving.

Our mission is to guarantee the highest quality

Our purpose is to optimize industrial machining processes, by transferring knowledge and providing tools of the highest quality.

Throughout the production process, targeted quality controls are carried out to give the greatest guarantee of performance. All SAU products are certified ISO 9001.

Our plus is the production of special tools made on request. Through our technicians we find solutions that reduce the processing time allowing our customers to save time and money.

Our commitment to you

We work hard to find the right solution for every occasion. We evaluate the needs of your workshop in order to advise you on the most suitable tool according to the type of processing and to guarantee the optimization of the performance.

The professionalism distinguishes us

The durability of products, the wide availability in stock, the know-how of 40 years of experience in different industrial sectors make SAU the ideal partner to increase the company productivity in complete safety.

The power of a group

The strong and continuous commitment that the whole SAU S.p.A. Group has put into effect in recent years has allowed to obtain excellent results both in terms of turnover and presence on the domestic and international market. Production flexibility, quality, product availability, speed of service and increasingly complete product ranges, make SAU S.p.A. a solid productive and entrepreneurial reality.

Our history

SAU was born

in Gombola, from the re-sharpening tools in super fast steel (HSS) and special construction with brazed carbide tools


The retail branch opens in Modena


Construction of the first building


Transfer of the sharpening department


Construction of the second building


First international fair


Construction of the third building


Death of the owner Veratti Sauro


Acquisition of SAU


Starting of carbide production


SAU starts the collaboration with BBO


Opening of the 3D printer department


Acquisition of Gibellini Camera


SAU starts the collaboration with AGS


Acquisition of GIS Srl


All sectors in which we operate

We are versatile and have a deep knowledge of the various production chains, which is why we are the ideal partners of a wide range of industrial sectors.

Automotive • Food industry • Packaging • Hydraulics • Aerospace • Moulds • Automation • automatic machines